«Io personale», empatia e comunità in Edith Stein

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Abstract: Before the need for a “redefinition” of the fundamental structures of anthropological discourse, beyond the excesses of modernity and post-modernity, the contribution of Edith Stein to the current debate shows up and offers itself as inversely proportional to the overestimation of other paths, contemporary and rear to her reflection. Being the core of the reflections of Edith Stein concentrated on the determination of “personal ego”, understood as the center of the human person, so it is an “ego” that feels, thinks and wills, makes the experience of self and others, and intersubjectively communally, this study aims to understand the uniqueness and the correlation of the categories of “personal ego” of empathy and community, made the theme by Edith Stein, in order to clarify and understand the human totality.

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