La preparazione mentale per il superamento della soglia dell’eccellenza in ambito sportivo

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Abstract: In the world of sport, for each competitive athlete, the path to go beyond the threshold that states if you are part of the sport excellence, consists basically of a constant work on your own limits. These are essentially classified as physical, technical, tactical and mental limits. By focusing the attention on the mental limits, first of all, is essential to highlight how is important to work on them by applying appropriate methods. In the present work are examined the characteristics of a method developed in order to be basically used in the sports where are involved teams, but adaptable to individual sports too. The aim is to work on the resilience, which can be defined as the ability to resist, to recover and to come out from adversity by being stronger, with more resources.The results obtained during the first four years of application of this method (from October 2014 to October 2018), which have involved athletes aged between 15 and 47 years old, have particularly highlighted the effectiveness in the development of resilience and, consequently, its usefulness in favoring athletes in their way towards overcoming the threshold of the sporting excellence.

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