L’estetica personalista di Luigi Stefanini e i suoi possibili sviluppi in ambito etico

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Abstract: The study aims to offer a contribution to a widening of the studies on Stefanini and to the understanding of his personalism, starting from a reconstruction of his aesthetic proposal. In fact, the author dedicated a considerable part of his production to this theme, including books and lecture notes, dealing with a large number of themes, each of which constitutes at the same time an access point to and part of an impressive constellation. This contribution proposes a synthesis of this compound starting from a lecture from the courses held in 1945-46. The result is twenty-eight themes grouped into fourteen major areas: form, singular expression, knowledge, feeling, absolute expression, creation, imitation, beauty, speech, content, criticism, technique, the unconditioned, metaphysics. The conclusions present some possible developments in the ethical field, and ask, in particular, what a word and an expression communicate when they become absolute and, also, what this absoluteness entails with respect to the relationship with the other.

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