Pour une approche génétique du plurilinguisme littéraire: le cas de Saint-John Perse

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Abstract: The fascinating poems of Saint-John Perse have always been qualified as intrinsically “French”, since the poet considered the French language as his “only imaginable homeland”. Yet, the author’s manuscripts that are conserved in the archives of the Saint-John Perse Foundation in Aix-en-Provence show the meandrous evolution of his creative process, bringing to light a multilingual writing practice. The genetic study proposed here will analyse two complementary phenomena of Saint-John Perse’s multilingual writing: the code-switching between French and Guadeloupian Creole that occurs during the genesis of the early poem Praises, as well as the self-translation from French to English practised by the poet while collaborating with T.S. Eliot on the English translation of Anabasis.

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