Riflessioni metodiche e il modello Hannah Arendt

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Abstract: In order to properly articulate a philosophy of globalization – in its objective and subjective sense -, the article presents the transnational circulation of ideas as an adequate alternative to the so-called global political philosophy and to macrological, structuralist perspectives of postcolonial philosophy. The first two chapters explain the methodological and theoretical frame of the transnational circulation of ideas. They also underline its performative and pragmatical understanding of philosophy. The third part of the article traces the idea of belonging’s evolution in Hannah Arendt’s work in relation to different sociolinguistic spaces and historical contexts. This gives the opportunity, on the one hand, to illustrate and to test the proposed model. On the other hand, Arendt’s understanding and practicing of belonging leads to an idea of philosophy as a transnational form of citizenship, based on the translation between different languages as well as on the reflection upon the relationship between different subjects and spaces of knowledge.

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