Persona e storia. Una visuale filosofico-politica

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Abstract: this paper deals with my approach to the Personalism, a philosophical tradition that in Italy had a particular political dimension. I underline as Antonio Rosmini founded a “liberal Personalism.” Rosmini’s philosophy of person is a philosophy of freedom with deep metaphysical, ethical and political connections. In his thought it is central the definition of human person as “subsistent right and very essence of right.” Rosmini’s view of “person”, seen as an inviolable end which can never be reduced to the status of “means”, leads spontaneously to what today is seen as paramount in human existence, that is, the question of human rights. In this paper, I underline the reasons for the actuality of this philosophy based on the concepts of person and liberty: in particular, I put in evidence as the Italian philosopher of the 20th century – Augusto Del Noce (1910-1989) – elaborated the fundamental ideas of Rosmini on the ontological dignity of the human being, and gave an original interpretation of the modern secular age. Departing from Rosmini he criticized the totalitarianism and he proposed a political liberalism founded on the respect of the constitutive liberties of person. In the last part of this paper I analyze the problems of multiculturalism and ethical relativism: in the dignity of the human being we can find an “overlapping consensus”.

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