Sulla soglia. L’io e il «limen» nel fluire del tempo

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Abstract: This article explores the philosophical meaning of «limen» in relation to the horizon of a «phenomenology of limit». The first part of this paper, from section 1 (L’essere dell’uomo come un «essere nel limite») to section 3 (Il limite come «soglia»), examines the meanings of «threshold» in connection to our experience of limit. The followings terms are analyzed: «perceptual» threshold, «absolute» threshold, «terminal» threshold, «differential» threshold. The second part of the article, from section 4 (Il problema del «doppio-limite») to section 7 (Orientarsi al confine. La frontiera: «terra di nessuno») is devoted to the philosophical problem of the «double-limit» and focuses on the following terms: Limes, Terminus, Grenze, Schranke, Limit-phenomena, Surface, Border, Limit-line, Limit-point (Grenzpunkt).

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