Sicilia “odi et amo”. Un’autobiografia linguistica

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Abstract: A first version of this linguistic autobiography was elaborated in 2012 as part of the II level Master in “theory, design and teaching of Italian as a second and foreign language” provided by the Department of Humanities of the University of Palermo and managed in collaboration with Itastra, Italian Language School for Foreigners of the same University.
The master’s degree course directed by Mari D’Agostino, professor of Italian linguistics at the University of Palermo and director of the Italian Language School for Foreigners, is aimed at training highly specialized professionals in teaching Italian to foreigners with related skills not only to teaching, but also to the design and implementation of tools and products for learning Italian.
During this journey Mari D’Agostino asked each of us students to write a linguistic autobiography explaining the history of our language acquisition. In this way the first draft of this work was born.

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