The Wheel

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Abstract: The Wheel is a script which embodies a philosophical reflection about the symbolic potentialities of a multisemiotic performance. Plurisemiotism is approached in the form of a tension between bodily movements and a semiotic classification which labels the different kinds of movement performed by the dancers. I argue that this tension produces a pluristable effect in which the selfreflective dimension brings both fields at a threshold and allows to question aesthetic and epistemological borders in performative arts and philosophy. The script contents exploit some aspects of the “free dance” tradition – a ‘feminist’ tradition in which mainly female dancers and choregraphers moved in two opposite directions: towards the origin – re-discovering bodily practices and forms of life later removed from cultural memory, and back to the present and future – performing the crisis of western societies, their values and behaviour patterns and thereby imagining and prefiguring new possibilities.

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