Call for Papers

Aretè. International Journal for Philosophy, Social&Human Sciences, N. 3

Special Issue

Plurilingualism: Historical, Critical, Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Sara Fortuna (Università Guglielmo Marconi Roma)
Rossella Saetta-Cottone (CNRS, Paris)

Aretè special issue’s first section will host the transcription of two public discussions. The first one is “Europe plurilangue / Europa plurilingue / Mehrsprachiges Europa” which was held at the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry in 2016: Barbara Cassin, Tullio De Mauro, Jürgen Trabant discussed together and with the public their views on European plurilingualism and Sara Fortuna and Rossella Saetta-Cottone moderated the event. The second discussion (Streitgespräch) between Trabant and Philippe Van Parijs took place at the Berlin Academy of sciences in the same period and opposed Van Parijs’ Linguistic Justice and Trabant’s philosophy and practice of plurilingualism. The editors will introduce the debates focusing on the discussants’ different positions, which combine philosophical, political, linguistic and historical perspectives.

Plurilingualism encourages an interdisciplinary approach and is connected with critical debates on multiculturalism, relativism and universalism engaged by several paradigms as post-colonial studies, queer studies, gender studies:  a second section will be devoted to epistemological issues connected with this complex frame of disciplines and methodologies.

The subsequent sections will include: contributions on plurilingualism in textual genetics’ studies, literary and linguistic studies and philosophical, psychoanalytical, social and juridical aspects of plurilingualism and contributions on the interaction among multiple symbolic strategies and  on the connection between a pre-verbal symbolic layers rooted in the bodily expressivity and verbal language within peculiar forms of textuality and intersemiotic dimensions in art and especially in performative practices.

A last section will be devoted to reviews (of books, films, artistic events, etc.). Reviews related with our special issue are particularly welcomed.

Possible Topics include (but are not limited)

  • Linguistic and philosophical debates on universalism and relativism
  • Multicultural or intercultural approaches?
  • Plurilingualism in ancient, modern and contemporary history
  • Plurilinguistic biographies in sociolinguistics (s. Mari D’Agostino)
  • Textual genetics in plurilinguistic authors
  • Ontogenesis of language in plurilingual subjects
  • Linguistic justice (s. Van Parijs)
  • Plurilingualism in pedagogical theories and experience
  • Plurilingualism in psychoanalysis
  • Aesthetic relevance of multisensorial and multisymbolic experience in literature and art.

Submission guidelines

Articles must be original and can be written in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. They should not exceed 50.000 characters, spaces included. Each article must include a short abstract, a summary, a list of keywords. Papers will be submitted to double-blind peer-review. Please follow the guidelines for references, footnotes etc. at the link The formats in which you can save the article you want to submit does not include PDF.

Submission deadline

September, 15th 2017

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