Areté is a double blind peer reviewed Journal founded in December 2015. The Journal publishes on line papers in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish, concerning the main questions of the current philosophical debate, with particular reference to the dialogue between Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences. Particular attention is given to the philosophical historiography, to the hermeneutics of the texts that have characterized the Western thought, and to the most significant problems of history, politics, anthropology, pedagogy, aesthetics, literature, and philology. Moreover, the journal provides coverage of the recent works regarding the debate of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. Each issue is divided into the following sections: the Monothematic Section, in which specific topics are analyzed in multidisciplinary perspective; the miscellaneous section containing the scientific Studies and Notes; the Reviews section. The Journal is a valuable resource of up-to-date information and in-depth reflection for those dedicated to the study and teaching of Philosophy, Human & Social Sciences. The Journal aims to be an expression of a “critical thinking”, open towards the complexity of the contemporary world. The published papers try to establish a real “dialogue between different forms of knowledge” which is essential for the elaboration of a correct “history of concepts” (Begriffsgeschichte). Therefore, the International Journal wants to be a platform for a free, scientifically based and pluralistic academic research where a genuine “conviviality of differences” could be achieved.

Areté is an annual Journal. However, additional special numbers can be included in the annual program.

Areté Volume 8 2023

Call for Papers

Vol. 8 / 2023

The concept of «limit» in philosophical thought. Boundaries of reason and horizons of knowledge.

Vol. 9 / 2024

The Origins of Language: Current Debate and Historical Perspectives.

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