Call for Papers – vol. 5/2020

Areté. International Journal of Philosophy, Human & Social Sciences

Monothematic issue:

The Concept of Threshold: The Different Philosophical and Literary Meanings

Edited by Maurizio Basili and Giovanna Scatena

The monographic volume of the international Journal “Areté” is dedicated to the concept of threshold, invisible point, sometimes measurable, beyond which something happens. The issue intends to examine the multidisciplinary and multiprospective developments of the threshold’s idea: from the geographical and spatial limes (the frontier of a country, the visible and invisible walls that divide the world, the door of the house) to the temporal threshold (from the end of an era to that of life), from the implications of the soul to the complications of the political and religious sphere up to the most intrinsically linguistic or textual boundaries. The contributions can examine an author, a work, a geographical, historical-political context or anything that – as Kierkegaard says – makes one experience the tension of the relationship between finite and infinite, between ratio (the finite concept) and the need to look beyond.

The submitted articles should include a brief curriculum of the author and should be addressed to the following e-mails:

DEADLINE: June 30th 2019

All submitted papers must be unpublished and must not have been simultaneously submitted to other journals for evaluation. Every article must be accompanied by both a brief English abstract and four or five English keywords. For more information see the web-pages: