Call for Papers – Vol. 9, 2024

International Journal of Philosophy, Human & Social Sciences

Monographic issue on

The Origins of Language:
Current Debate and Historical Perspectives,

edited by Maurizio Maione.

The debate on the origin of language is multidisciplinary, involving scientific fields such as psychology, psycholinguistics, and neurobiology, as well as humanistic fields like philosophy of language, anthropology, and linguistics. This confirms the overcoming of the ban on discussing the issue that the Paris Society of Linguistics imposed on its members in 1866. The design of this monographic issue aims to participate fully in the current debate by bringing together current theoretical models with those developed in the past. These past models, reconstructed from a historical-theoretical perspective, offer interesting insights.  

Possible (but not exclusive) thematic areas

  • The origin of language in the history of philosophy and the history of ideas
  • The origin of language in the current debate
  • Perception and emotion
  • Gestuality, mental activity and “theory of mind
  • Gestuality, communication and categorisation
  • The question of origins between communication and language
  • Human language and primate language
  • The transversality (disciplinary) of the question of the origin of language
  • Protolanguage between continuism and discontinuism
  • Protolanguage and evolutionism

Rules for writing contributions

Articles must be unpublished and may be written in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. They must not exceed 70,000 characters including spaces. Each article will include a short summary in English (Abstract), a table of contents and a list of key words (Keywords). Contributions received by the editorial board will be subjected to a double evaluation (anonymously) by external experts. For citations, notes, etc. please follow the instructions provided at

Article formats do not include PDF.

Articles should be sent to the editor (Maurizio Maione) and the editorial board of the journal

Deadline for submission of contributions: 30 June 2024

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